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Wellness Guidance for Women: The Most Common Conditions and How to Improve Your Health without Medication

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The first week of September is recognised as Women’s Health Week throughout Australia, but women’s health is a matter that must be addressed on a year-round basis and scrutinised so that we can decisively rectify all of the physical manifestations that females deal with in today’s day and age.

With this concept at the forefront of this exposé, let’s take some time to deduce the most pervasive conditions, diagnoses, and ailments affecting women in the 21st century, and then explicate some remedial, holistic treatments that are scientifically proven to provide reprieve.

Women’s Health by the Numbers

With an unparalleled amount of medical research and healthcare information at our disposal, we’ve seen a seismic change with regard to how we care for our bodies over the years. According to the ABS, the aggregate number of women that smoke tobacco cigarettes has decreased from 20% to less than 14% since the year 2000, and we’ve seen a widespread mitigation of other adverse habits, but it’s imperative to tackle some of the remaining elephants in the room:

  • Almost 55% of women over the age of 45 are categorised as having insufficient bone density, and roughly a quarter of women aged 65 and up have diagnosable osteoporosis, a condition embodied by fragile or friable bones.
  • According to the Incontinence Foundation of Australia, approximately 37% of Australian women suffer from urinary incontinence, and another 13% deal with bowel incontinence on a daily basis. The vast majority of these individuals depend on medications and prescriptions to control these relatively embarrassing complications, even though the concomitant side effects tend to pose a number of additional issues.
  • Prior to reaching menopause, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40-52% of women suffer from lumbopelvic pain, abdominal aches, and pelvic floor uneasiness during their menstrual cycles.
  • In a recent article published by ABC Australia, it is estimated that upwards of 74% of women have experienced transient pain during sexual intercourse at one point or another. Many of these occurrences are attributed to a condition referred to as vaginismus, which causes compulsory spasms during sex or when inserting a tampon.

If you find yourself beleaguered by any of the abovementioned maladies, or if you’ve been dealing with an overactive bladder, prolapse, mastitis, or post-pregnancy wounds, you will be best served by getting in touch with your community’s women’s health physio in Perth.

How Can a Physio Help Me, and How Much Do These Sessions Cost?

The comparison between customary medical treatments, such as prescription medications and surgical interventions, and physiotherapy features an orthogonal relationship. The first comes with a myriad of potential complications, adverse responses, and high out-of-pocket expenses, whereas physiotherapy represents a low-cost, low-risk, readily available alternative.

For example, an observational study of 208 women that engaged in ambulatory physical therapy for urinary incontinence concluded that almost 65% of the patients were demonstrably cured after just six sessions with a professional clinician. Those that utilised incontinence drugs, on the other hand, displayed erratic, unpredictable results that did not produce long-term relief.

Your local physio experts can deliver an on-demand service right in the comfort of your own home, and every programme is personally reformed to correct your malady as rapidly as possible, so be sure to coordinate a session with a women’s physio authority today.

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