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Effective Ways to Reduce the Colon Cancer Risk

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Whether it’s for the lack of awareness or for improper lifestyle and eating habits, the rate of colon cancer is increasing across the US along with the different other countries across the globe. It’s possible to prevent colon cancer by maintaining proper diet as well as lifestyle but it cannot be said you have the power to stop cancer completely. As you enter the middle age, it’s essential to visit the clinics for digestive & liver disease consultants. It is essential to prevent colon cancer as you’ll be under the constant supervision of the gastroenterologists.

So, let’s have a quick look at some effective ways to reduce the colon cancer risk—

Watch your food habit

With aging, people should control their food habit. Especially, if you have a craving for fried food or junk food, you should stop avoiding it. Replace it with more fibrous and non fatty food such as nuts, sprouts, vegetables etc. Try to follow a diet chart which portrays nutritious foods for living a healthier life. With aging, the digestive system reduces its former efficiency of digesting food. When it fails to produce sufficient enzymes and acids, it jeopardizes system with the extra food which remains undigested. This often causes bloating and gas in your stomach.

Control weight

Cheat your metabolism by taking the meals in small portions at an interval of 1-2 hours. It helps in improving the metabolism and you can also stay fit and trimmed. It is essential to control your weight as the increased amount of fat in your body causes serious trouble in your digestive systems as well as heart. To stay away from various weight problems, it’s better to stay lean by controlling weight gain.  You should also try a proper diet chart for checking weight along with exercising. This also helps your colon to function better.

Screen test

Under the recommendation of your gastroenterologist, you should go for a screening test. You have to be more careful about not letting the colon cancer to form in your body. Screening test is recommended for checking the condition of the colon. If the doctor suspects anything threatening, with proper medication and diet, things can be taken under control on time.

Quit smoking and drinking

If you have a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, you should quit it. These substances cause several harm in human bodies including cancer.

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