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Calculating Wellbeing and Happiness

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David Cameron has launched a task to look for the nations’ wellbeing. Work for National Statistics would be to lead a nationwide Wellbeing Project to discover both why is people happy and just how happy the United kingdom is in general. In stating that GDP is ‘is a partial method of calculating a country’s progress,’ Cameron is true there are lots of additional factors that may impact this.

However, the ONS will probably find that it’s tough to measure this kind of abstract factor as wellbeing. One choice is to inquire about many people up and lower the nation, all walks of existence an issue like ‘overall, how does one rate you wellbeing during the last month/ six several weeks/ annually?A having a simple rating scale associated it this really is subjective wellbeing.

This by itself, however, isn’t enough they would should also know some demographic information along with other details about the respondents’ encounters for the reason that period of time to be able to bring an amount of objectivity towards the index. To be able to create a wellbeing scale that resembles GDP, it’s important to find away out to correlate various existence occasions ad encounters with subjective wellbeing.

Area of the complications with such this project is creating a list of all of the factors that may potentially affect ones wellbeing. Such factors could be associated with the economy, for example:


Job prospects

Mortgage security

Living costs

A few of these factors are relatively simple to determine for instance it may be easy to match the Retail Cost Index with people’s subjective accounts of the wellbeing. However, there are lots of additional factors that may affect ones wellbeing which are harder to determine, for example:

Educational achievement


Size social circle

Reference to neighborhood

Relationships with family/ partner


This is when calculating wellbeing could possibly get very complicated for instance, for many people getting high academic qualifications may be central for their subjective wellbeing, although for some individuals it’s not particularly relevant. Similarly, getting a spiritual belief could potentially cause individuals to report an advanced of wellbeing, only one cannot extrapolate out of this that individuals without any religious belief would report a minimal degree of wellbeing.

Another major difficulty is factoring in age. What can cause an advanced of wellbeing in individuals their late teens and early twenties rarely is in just like what can cause an advanced of wellbeing in individuals over 80. In addition, there’s that old problem that correlation doesn’t suggest causation something may correlate with wellbeing although not cause it.

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